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Der amerikanische Singer-Songwriter und Musiker Kevin Devine hat in einem herzzerreißenden Song seine Geschichte zu Gießen nieder geschrieben. Es geht nicht nur um diesen einen Club im Keller, sonder auch um eine Freundschaft, die für immer verloren ist.

Video sowie alle Links, wie du zu ihm kommst findest du weiter unten.

► ► Kevin Devine – Gießen ◄ ◄

Today a ghost suspended from my ceiling
Asked if I remembered Germany
And that one club upstairs backstage in Geißen
We broke up joints the brocker thought was weed

And when we told him quick
Before he took a hit
His eyes were wounded
Sick confusion
Shocked surrounded
„What the fuck guys are you kidding me?“

Lately I’ve been looking for a reason
Something clean that I could wrap around
An argument for leaving my apartment
To walk the world the way I feel it now

I wasn’t scared of death
Until it took my friend
I wasn’t ready
We’ve been planning
Lets make music
We both miss it and its‘ been too long

And so the best I could do
Is write you a song
On the guitar you gave me
Try to make sense
Of the hole in the ground
That swallowed our future history
And to show up

Your present enough
For all of our friends, your family
And for myself
Take care of my self

And since I’ve heard that night
There’s been a hundred times
Where something happened,
I’d like to call you
I dont believe it
When I remember that I can’t and why



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